7 Important Things to Consider Before Renting an Apartment in Jakarta


For those in the capital, renting an apartment in Jakarta is the right step to take without having to think twice, as the land available to build houses in Jakarta has become increasingly limited nowadays.

If you want to own a house in a strategic area or the middle of the city, you have to be willing to spend an extravagant amount of money. Therefore, renting an apartment is the answer for those who yearn to live amidst the best facilities of the city, easy access to lifestyle, and luxury. 

If you already have your heart set on an apartment in the city, make sure that pay attention to the following essential things to consider before you sign your lease.  


Things to Look for When You Rent an Apartment

When you have decided to rent a Jakarta apartment, it means that you have gone through one of the most challenging stages of this entire process. To arrive at this point, you must have considered many factors. Now, when choosing the right apartment to rent, make sure that you have considered the following key factors: 

  1. Price Agreement and Rental Period

The price agreement and rental period are the first things to consider when deciding on renting an apartment. Before you agree to a price, you need to do proper research to find out if the rental fee is fair based on the current market value. If you managed to negotiate or got offered certain discounts, then enjoy that nice bonus! 

When talking about prices, you also have to be fully aware of whether the rental fee includes maintenance, internet, electricity, water, or other additional costs. In addition to the price, you should also pay attention to the rental period, whether it is an annual or any other rental term. Make sure that you pay your rental fee according to the rental period. To avoid misunderstandings and inconveniences in the future, do not hesitate to ask any questions that come to mind before signing the lease agreement. 

  1. Deposit Fees

By now, you are most likely aware that renting an apartment requires a deposit fee. However, to be safe, let’s assume that those who are new to renting apartments are not yet familiar with the term. The apartment deposit fee is similar to a security deposit. This amount of money is paid to a landlord or manager of the apartment in anticipation of a violation committed by the tenant and can also be used to pay for damages at the apartment. 

The most common amount of rent deposit required is worth one month’s rent. Before signing an agreement, you must understand the terms related to the deposit too. Get yourself informed with all related details, starting from how the deposit is calculated, the payment system, the allocation or use, to the reasons for it not to be refunded. 

  1. The Availability of Equipment in the Apartment

Apartments in Jakarta are designed to provide convenience for anyone who wants to live in the capital. These thoughtfully furnished units offer a practical solution as a tenant does not need to buy furniture, electronics, and home appliances. The selection of apartments in Jakarta is equipped with high-quality facilities in every room of the unit. 

However, depending on what you need, you can choose from the two most popular types of apartments available on the market, namely fully furnished and semi-furnished. If you choose a fully furnished unit, there is no need to bother buying anything for your new home. Meanwhile, opting for a semi-furnished apartment means that you might need to buy certain items for your apartment based on your needs. 

Keep in mind that all equipment provided in the apartment is also listed in the lease agreement. Make sure that you read the list thoroughly before signing the lease agreement. 

  1. Knowing Who The Owner Is

Before you decide to rent an apartment, you must know who the rightful owner of the property is. Nowadays, with the abundance of apartments in Jakarta, it is often the case that tenants have no idea who they are renting from. To avoid issues and unnecessary stress, do not be tempted by attractive offers without knowing the owner. Even if you are using the services of an intermediary, make sure that you are also in direct contact with the owner to avoid fraud. 

If this is your first time renting a Jakarta apartment, it is always best to rent an apartment through a reputable professional or recommended party. These parties are unlikely to commit fraud. Instead, their services will help you find a high-quality apartment that meets your expectations. 

  1. Security System

Apartments are known to implement a modern and round-the-clock security system that ensures both security and privacy. Besides, apartments also have a professional team that is responsible for the security in the area of the building. Furthermore, CCTV cameras are placed at several spots across the premises to assist the security staff in performing their duty. While there is a common standard for this security system, each apartment management has its own standard.

Due to the varying standards, it doesn’t hurt to be certain that the apartment you have your eye on implements a proper security system. By asking the right questions, you can make an informed decision and choose an apartment with a security system and standard that you are comfortable with. 

  1. Review the Letter of Agreement

When you get to this stage, it means that you have almost reached the final stage of renting an apartment in Jakarta. You will soon have a residence well-equipped with various facilities and strategically located in the heart of the city. 

Now, before you move into your new apartment, a letter of agreement must be signed by both parties. The contents of this lease agreement usually include the amount of rent, rental period, terms of deposit, and other details.  

While there are standard clauses that are found in almost all lease agreements, of course, every lease agreement is different. Therefore, you need to take your time and read the document thoroughly. Understand each point in a way that you are entirely aware of what you sign and agree to. 

One point that is often in question is the transfer of the lease to another tenant. Transferring your tenancy to another party is only possible when it does not violate any clauses in the lease agreement. So, if you find this point relevant, remember to specifically check for a clause on this matter in the lease agreement and ask the questions you might have. 

  1. Know What Happens In Case of Disputes

Finally, it is important to agree on what happens in case of a dispute. While no one wants this to happen, anticipation is always essential. Therefore, the letter of agreement will include this subject because both parties need to protect themselves in the event of disputes. The worst-case scenario is normally that the dispute will be resolved through legal dispute resolution. However, in many cases, these types of matters are resolved out of court. For the convenience of both parties, this must be agreed upon beforehand and integrated accordingly in the lease agreement. 


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