Rent Apartment Jakarta, The Best Luxury Apartment for Young Couples

For both men and women, marriage is the gateway to a new life. Except in the case of LDM (long-distance marriage), getting married traditionally means that a couple will start living together.

Most couples would agree that it’s both an exhilarating and challenging stage of the relationship. But why exactly is this exciting part of the journey also considered rather problematic? In a few words, it’s because there are a lot of things that newlyweds need to consider before they can finally decide the type of residence they opt to become their new home.

In Jakarta, the most popular options for young couples usually include boarding, renting a house, or renting an apartment. However, nowadays, most young couples in Jakarta consider living in apartments the best and most comfortable option for many reasons. Rent Apartment Jakarta offers excellent solutions for this demand among young couples.

Advantages of Living in an Apartment

Renting an apartment in Jakarta has become the current trend, and this shift has continued growing every day. As a response to this trend, the city has been offering increasingly diverse types of apartments.

Whether one focuses on the various apartment options based on location, type, price, or facilities, Jakartans have never been presented with this many apartment options ever before! This wide variety of apartments automatically makes it a whole lot easier for young couples to find a winner that suits their needs, budget, as well as desires!

And what exactly are the reasons why apartment living is the answer for most young couples in the metropolitan area of Jakarta? Well, clearly because apartment living in Jakarta offers excellent benefits that other residences do not provide, with the highlights as follows:

  1. The Strategic Locations

When choosing your place to live, the location should be at the top of the list of factors to consider. Whether you drive or take public transportation, a strategic location is always a huge plus. Living in an apartment with easy access to public facilities certainly adds more comfort to your daily life.

While some couples focus on the above, others prioritize the distance of their new home to their place of work. With that as the focus, whether a place is considered strategic or not mostly depends on the distance and access from the potential home to the office.

However, with all the apartments available across the most strategic locations in Jakarta these days, there must be a perfect gem for every couple looking for their first apartment together.

  1. Better Safety

In choosing a residential location, safety factors must be one of the main priorities, especially since there is no denying that living in the city presents many safety challenges, such as the risk of misfortune or theft. For a better sense of feeling safe at home and in your neighborhood, you can opt for living in an apartment. Apartments generally provide a 24-hour security system by a professional team, providing you with better safety and security.

Furthermore, most of the apartments offered on Rent Apartment Jakarta are also equipped with security technology such as CCTV cameras at several vital points. This way, the well-trained security team can monitor all activities which happen in places that are out of sight and keep the premises and residents safe.

  1. Excellent Modern Lifestyle Facilities

There are numerous facilities that make renting an apartment in Jakarta the best option for young couples in the city. For example, one of the facilities normally included in your monthly rent is the use of a jogging track where you can enjoy outdoor activities surrounded by refreshing greenery. Most apartments also provide a playground for children, a fitness center, and a swimming pool. And to cater to every need of your modern lifestyle, many apartment buildings also feature shopping centers, cafes, and schools in the area of the building.

  1. It’s Easier to Clean

Generally, young modern couples who live in the capital both have a job and a busy lifestyle. Thus, they are not exactly the kind of people who would have enough time to allocate to the daily cleaning of the house.

Besides, after a long day at work, every person would simply love to come home to their spouse, and enjoy some quality time without dealing with additional stress related to the daily maintenance of their home. Compared to the work required at a house, domestic work at an apartment can be done much faster because of its size and simple design, which is perfect for couples who lead a fast-paced life.

  1. Various Design and Concept Options

While it might not be a pro that made it to the very top of most couple’s list, these days living in an apartment also means that you can get yourself a rental home that features sophisticated interior design styles. With all the fantastic options out there, this is surely a bonus that makes choosing your first home with your spouse even more fun. Keep in mind that the interior design of your home does indeed affect the level of comfort you experience while living there. Of course, once it’s your home, you can add your personal touch as well.

Are You Still Not Quite Sure How to Choose the Right Apartment?

The above question is one for those who have already set their heart to live in an apartment, yet are not quite sure how to find that one apartment that is just right! Well, since the heart is set and the decision is made, your next step would be to choose the perfect apartment, no matter how challenging it may seem at the initial stage of this process.

After all, it should not be that challenging, as long as you consult the right people, get your information from reliable sources, and process all information carefully based on what you and your spouse are looking for.

Furthermore, it might also be time to sit down with your partner and discuss your future life plans that are relevant to choosing your first apartment after marriage. For example, do you want to have children soon? In that case, make sure that you also talk about how this affects the ideal apartment for your little family.

For your first apartment together, you might want to rent a Jakarta apartment with 2 or 3 bedrooms. This apartment type is standard and suitable for every couple, with or without children on the way. For assistance in finding the perfect apartment for you and your partner, feel free to contact +62819887775.

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