How to Find the Perfect Apartment for Rent in Jakarta

Living in the most exciting city in the country is a dream of many people. Jakarta is indeed the city that promises countless possibilities for those who aim to stay inspired and go after excellent career and business opportunities. However, living amidst the energizing hustle and bustle of Jakarta also presents its challenges, such as finding the right place to live, as land for housing has grown increasingly limited. Given the circumstances, the best solution is to rent an apartment. 

Nowadays, modern communities spread across highly strategic areas in Jakarta have chosen the advantages of apartments over ordinary houses, as they offer the best housing option in the city. Apartments simply provide more benefits of comfort, security, and even luxurious facilities for those seeking to optimize their modern urban lifestyle. 


Insider Tips for Finding the Right Apartment

Both for those who plan to live in Jakarta and the Jakartans who are now ready to embrace the advantages of apartment living, finding an apartment that checks all boxes can be a rather demanding mission. Given the abundant options of apartments available in Jakarta offered on different price ranges based on the type of facilities and location, it’s only normal that finding the perfect apartment might feel extra challenging to accomplish. 

The good news is that narrowing down your options to find the apartment that’s simply right for you should not be that complicated. Check out these insider tips to help you rent an apartment in Jakarta! 


  1. Set Your Budget

To narrow down your search, the first step you should take is to check the prices of apartment rentals in Jakarta, and then set your budget based on the information you have obtained throughout your research. Furthermore, set a realistic budget based on the type of facilities that are non-negotiable to you. Once this is all set, you can start focusing your search on the available apartments in Jakarta within your budget range. 


  1. Adapt to Your Current and Future Needs

After setting your budget to rent an apartment in Jakarta, the next step would be to analyze your current situation, hence your needs. Of course, one of the main factors to consider is the location of the apartment. Naturally, it’s always most convenient to live as close as possible to your place of work or study. While you consider your choices, make sure that you are entirely comfortable with the duration and access of your daily commute. 

However, other considerations might take precedence over the above. For instance, you might be okay with living a little further away from your office as long as your apartment is close to public facilities, such as malls, gyms, restaurants, and more. Furthermore, keep your long-term plan in mind. Choose an apartment that remains a comfortable home in your future, may that involve starting a family or adopting a pet. 


  1. Do More Research!

Yes, you might be thinking that this one comes without saying. But what this means is that every person looking for an apartment for rent should step up their research to the next level! Be super thorough, double-check, and triple-check the information about the apartments you find on certain listings or sources by checking online reviews and their official websites. Keep in mind that a reliable and quality apartment always owns an official website as their most reliable source of information. 

If Jakarta is new to you, you can also extend your research by asking questions to your contacts who are Jakartans, especially those who have some experience in finding apartments. You can ask for reference and insight based on their knowledge about the neighborhoods, access to places, public facilities in the area, and the like, and to help you make a better-informed decision afterward. 


  1. Filter the Information

Finding sufficient information is an essential part of making an informed decision. However, no matter the source, filtering all information you come across is just as crucial, and an inevitable part of the process. To avoid misinformation or even fraud, you must limit your information to only those from widely recommended and reliable sources. 

At last, by filtering all the information properly, you’d be better aware of all good options that you can further consider based on your desires and personal preferences.


  1. Take Part in Live Surveys and Ask Questions

One of the most effective parts of research is to go for relevant direct surveys. When you have selected your list of several target apartments, it’s always best that you check them out in person. Once you’re at the location, there are many things worth considering, including the actual condition of the apartment, location, access from your place of work or study, preferred nearby facilities, and more.

These live surveys are most efficient if you can set up a meeting with the owner or property manager of the building. Make the most of the meeting by asking all questions that come to mind. To make this survey even more effective, you can prepare a list of relevant questions beforehand. These questions normally include the cost of rent, additional bills, payment methods, access to facilities, security systems, and the legal status of the property. 


  1. Specify Apartment Type

As previously stated, there is a wide selection of various types of apartments for rent in Jakarta. The variety of designs offered on the market is sometimes seen as an additional factor that makes choosing the perfect apartment even a little more complicated than it already was. Nowadays, aside from competitive facilities, apartments also boast attractive styles of interior design.  

Well, when it comes to choosing the apartment that has the best style in this sense, you don’t need to know much about the concept of interior design. Just have fun exploring the different popular themes such as natural, industrial, minimalist styles, and more, and simply choose the one that feels most like you and makes you feel at home. 


  1. Business Opportunities (Optional)

This point is dedicated to those planning to open a business or earn an extra income in their new home. There is really no harm in considering this idea. Why not build a business around the residence, right? If you are observant enough, you’d be able to read business opportunities around the apartment! Suppose there is an apartment that checks all your boxes plus shows a promising business opportunity, then that would be your cue to consider that one immediately! 


Recommended Apartments in Jakarta

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